Why you need a bot for Supreme

Why You Need a Supreme Bot

Supply and Demand

With a predominantly online market for Supreme and supply far outweighing demand, bots are becoming a necessity if you want to purchase limited items online because they sell out in seconds!

For Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2018 season, the Stern® Pinball Machine and the Fox Racing® V2 Helmet sold out in under 10 seconds, whilst most of the hyped items, including accessories, T-Shirt’s and ‘Bogos’ are usually gone in under 20 seconds.

Within the blink of an eye, barely even time to load the page of the product you have been waiting to drop all season, it has sold out. A combination of our fast society, social media hype and the limited releases has created the need for consumers to search out other ways to make purchases. Our customers are busy people and bots allow them to purchase the items they want at the time of the release, without even needing to be at their computer.

If you have never used a bot before, or are a newcomer to them, they are fairly basic to use. In its simplest form as a chrome extension, where auto-fill is used for your details and you can then check out manually; however a standalone Supreme bot like SupremeSlayer is far more sophisticated and will be able to handle any website crashes, bypass captcha and checkout automatically.

Use a Supreme bot to purchase hyped items

Why SupremeSlayer is the best Supreme bot

SupremeSlayer has helped our customers purchase thousands of limited and rare items. With incredibly hyped items dropping every week, you don’t want to be missing out.

We have fully detailed documentation and guides available for our customers to read through to ensure they get the most from SupremeSlayer. The much-needed Supreme keywords are published here every week, ensuring that our customers are purchasing exactly what they want.