Top 10 Supreme accessories

Top 10 Supreme Accessories

What is your favourite accessory?

Whilst Supreme is famed for its Box Logos and sell-out collaborations with The North Face, Stone Island and Nike, it also houses some unusual and eclectic accessories.

It is difficult to pick out 10 of the best Supreme accessories released over the years, the vast variation of releases has seen a range of prices and practicality, but these are our favourite so far. Many of Supreme’s accessories have become collectables and tend to be focused around a category such as sporting, tools or smoking.

The Supreme Brick sold out

1. Brick (Fall/Winter 2016)

Two years later, the question of why Supreme sold a brick is still unanswered (despite various theories). They sold out for $30 a brick and some were resold for up to $1000. You can pick one up now for around $100-130.

The Supreme/Steiff Teddy Bear is a future collectable item

2. Teddy (Fall/Winter 2018)

If you can’t get your hands on a Box Logo sweatshirt, then you can buy a Steiff Teddy that’s wearing one instead. The Supreme/Steiff Teddy will become a must-have collectable for the future.

Stash your Supreme accessories within this Bible stash box

3. Bible Stash Box (Fall/Winter 2013)

For some, Supreme is like a religion. Supreme’s take on a replica of the New Testament bible hides a wooden stash box. 5 years later and they are rarely seen on the resell market.

The Supreme/Stern Pinball Machine is the most expensive accessory released

4. Pinball Machine (Spring/Summer 2018)

The most expensive accessory in Supreme’s collection, the Stern Pinball Machine was extremely low in stock, but came with a hefty price tag of $11,000. These were only available to purchase online and the resell price was at least $40k.

Top 10 Supreme accessories

5. Cash Cannon Money Gun (Spring/Summer 2017)

This money gun included custom $1000 Supreme bills and was one of the most-hyped accessories for the season. Retailing at $88, they became a popular Instagram video at the time.

The Supreme/Coleman Minibike retailed for $1000

6. Coleman® CT200U Mini Bike (Spring/Summer 2017)

Retailing for almost $1000, the Coleman CT200U Mini Bike was released on one of the last drops for the Spring/Summer 2017 season with an online-only release. The gas-powered mini bike had a 196cc, one-cylinder engine with a top speed of 24mph.

The ceramic Supreme dog bowl are hard to find now

7. Dog Bowl (Spring/Summer 2011)

One for man’s best friend. These ceramic dog bowls came in black or red and rarely come up nowadays, but when they do, they aren’t cheap!

Supreme/Everlast Boxing Gloves are now over 10 years old

8. Everlast Boxing Gloves (Fall/Winter 2008)

James Jebbia has a love of boxing and this has been portrayed throughout Supreme’s history; these Everlast boxing gloves came in red, black or blue and compete with matching mini key rings. The Everlast heavyweight punch bag was released in 2016.

The Fender Stratocaster was custom made for Supreme

9. Fender Stratocaster (Fall/Winter 2017)

The custom Fender Stratocaster for Supreme had a maple wood neck, 3 pickups, tremolo bridge and a 5-way selector switch and came with a custom case, strap and picks. Retailing at almost $2000, this limited item was more of a collectable, rather than a practical item.

Supreme teamed up with luxe luggage label Rimowa

10. Rimowa Suitcase (Spring/Summer 2018)

The luxe luggage label created two Rimowa Topas Multiwheel suitcases, one in a 45L size and the other in an 82L size and were available in black or the iconic Supreme red. These popular items cost $1600 and $1800 respectively, but resell for these is around double or more, though many fakes of them have already been spotted.