What is the secret to Supreme's success?

The Continued Growth of Supreme

What is the secret to their success?

Investing in Supreme

When the news broke in October 2017 that Supreme founder James Jebbia had sold a stake of the company to private equity firm The Carlyle Group, it was rumoured to have been a stake as high as 50%, or $500 million, meaning the valuation of Supreme joins the exclusive Billion Dollar Club of private companies over $1 billion. The investment from The Carlyle Group ensured Supreme expands in the right direction and is well-known for ensuring rapid growth of a business, though they will most likely be looking to sell their stake within three to five years.

Whilst the expansion of Supreme includes the opening of their 11th store in Brooklyn, it is only the fifth outside of Japan and the EU is hotly tipped as the next location for a new store. However, more stores tends to lend itself to more stock and Supreme will have to work hard to ensure products stay as limited as possible and still sell out in seconds.

Supreme's newest store is in Brooklyn

The Iconic Box Logo

As one of the most sought-after streetwear brands, not least because of their famed ‘box logo,’ the iconic design is considered the ultimate cop and sells out in seconds. This Fall/Winter season saw the release of an Box Logo Crewneck Sweatshirt, available in nine colours, highlighted by a bottle green colourway, as well as natural and mustard. The New Era Box Logo Beanie, available in the same colours as the Crewneck and dropped a few weeks prior, sold out almost instantly.

Despite the box logos, popular accessories and collaborations with brands such as The North Face and Nike selling out almost instantly, it has not gone unnoticed that some products are sitting online for days without selling out; some are even left on for the releases in the following weeks.

Supreme's newest release of their iconic Box Logo