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Cop Supreme with SupremeSlayer

The ultimate SupremeSlayer setup guide

Purchasing Supreme online is extremely difficult without a bot, but SupremeSlayer helps make it easier for you. The one key rule with Supreme is that you can only purchase one of each item – this includes different colourways and sizes – so if you are wanting to purchase multiple identical products, or multiple colourways of an item, then it is recommended to have several checkout profiles.

If you are planning on just going for the one product, but you have not decided on the colour, then we suggest setting up a release for each colourway with the one checkout profile. If one of those releases checks out successfully, the other releases will give a duplicate order error and the tasks will abort themselves automatically. Similarly, you can use different checkout profiles for each different colourway release.

You can only buy multiple colourways if you use separate checkout profiles

We also recommend running at least a 2:1 task to proxy ratio, but 1:1 will be best for a hyped product such as a Box Logo release; please also remember to input a global proxy for each release you create. The checkout delay varies from release to release, so it is up to you to determine the best one for you.

You will also need to use a captcha harvester. SupremeSlayer has both manual and automatic harvesters, but using both will increase your chances of success.

Please note, running any of the above completely depends on the tier you have and you will need to stay within your task limit. Keywords will be posted on our blog prior to the release and they are updated with correct colourways following the EU release. Don’t forget that you only need to start your tasks 15-30 seconds before the release!

Make sure you take a look at all the documentation available for SupremeSlayer and learn how to run and monitor a release correctly here.