Why you need a sneakerbot

Why You Need a Sneaker Bot

Keep taking an L?

With a guaranteed sterling lineup of sneakers for 2019, getting your hands on a coveted pair of hyped sneakers is proving more and more difficult to those trying to buy manually; this is when you need a superior footsite bot like SoleSlayer.

SoleSlayer is the best footsite bot and can be used on the four main .com footsites: FootLocker, ChampsSports, Eastbay and FootAction. This sneaker bot includes many advanced features for securing limited edition sneakers like Yeezy Boosts and Air Jordans. Without it, you are more than likely missing out on these hyped releases and ultimately, a valuable pair of sneakers.

Our customers not only use SoleSlayer to cop themselves a pair, but some also get an extra pair or two to resell, or run ATC slots for friends, family or their own customers, such is the reliability of success using SoleSlayer.

Air Jordan 1's always sell out instantly

Why SoleSlayer is the number one footsites bot

With over 100,000 pairs of sneakers purchased by SoleSlayer users since its release, our customers are always incredibly successful with our sneaker bot. Our biggest release to date was the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Beluga 2.0’ with SoleSlayer coming out on top and securing over 16,000 pairs.

We have fully detailed documentation and guides available for our customers to read through to ensure they get the most from SoleSlayer, or why not take a look at our Twitter Success page for evidence of our success.