Resell sneakers and Supreme to make money

Making Money From Your Sneaker Bot

Cop, Flip, Invest

If you have ever tried to purchase Yeezys or Jordans online, you will know that buying hyped sneakers is becoming increasingly difficult without a bot. Whilst a bot is usually an investment, there are ways you can make it pay for itself through reselling the most prolific products or by running add to cart services.

With Supreme only releasing products every Thursday in the EU and US, and Saturday’s in Japan, these items are still relatively hard to get your hands with collections selling out in seconds. You can use SupremeSlayer to cop those limited Supreme items.

With Yeezys and Jordans being released periodically,  there is still plenty of time to get involved in the sneaker resell game. Using SoleSlayer, a bot made exclusively for use on the four main .com footsites (FootLocker, ChampsSports, EastBay and FootAction), you are able to purchase multiple pairs of sneakers. Keep one for personal, or sell them all, it is up to you.

Invest your profit back into sneakers or Supreme

Research your Market

If you want to resell Supreme and sneakers, you need to do your research and know which collaborations and which items people are going to want to buy. The hype of a product is created because of several reasons: limited availability of the product, social media frenzy, and the fact that they sell out so fast that you feel as though you are missing out.

With Supreme, the most hyped releases tend to be collaborations with The North Face, Stone Island and Nike, along with the famed Box Logo hooded and crewneck sweatshirts and T-Shirts, or ‘Bogos.’ Whilst you need to research which products are best to resell, you also need to be realistic on how much you can sell them for; if you try to mark-up the product too much, people will look elsewhere. Some products only increase in value the longer you have them, mainly due to them being difficult to find; however, most items you will want to sell as soon as you have a confirmed order.

Sneakers like Yeezy Boost 350 V2’s will resell for around twice their retail value. If you are planning on reselling, make sure you keep your receipts and boxes for proof of purchase, and don’t be offended if you have a legit check done on your items.

Sell your hyped products for a profit

Add to Cart Services

What started as customers purchasing sneakers solely for themselves using bots has now transformed into a huge reselling market, with some people running businesses off the backs of software like ours. Running Add to Cart (ATC) or slot services with our software means running our bots in order to purchase items for your friends, family or even strangers.

Running an ATC or slot service using our bot is fairly straightforward and most who do it run it on a ‘no win, no fee’ system, meaning you usually refund for a slot if checking out the product was unsuccessful. You simply need to create a checkout profile within the bot and add that to a release for the product required. Usually a fee is requested either before or after running the slot and it varies depending on how hyped the product is, but most start from around $20.