Check out our SoleSlayer setup guide to cop your favourite sneakers

Cop Sneakers with SoleSlayer

The ultimate SoleSlayer setup guide

There are many different ways to run a successful release using SoleSlayer, and this guide aims to help you run it the best you possibly can.

Firstly, we recommend using your own checkout profiles over accounts. Proxies are required and we recommend using a maximum of a 2:1 task to proxy ratio (for example: 10 tasks to 5 proxies); if you can, run a 1:1 task to proxy ratio. Using good proxies is key and there are many excellent and reliable proxy providers available.

Get your hands on your favourite sneakers with SoleSlayer

We recommend running as many tasks as your SoleSlayer tier/computer can support (as long as you have a sufficient number of proxies).

The product links for each footsite will be available as soon as they are added to each footsite; this is usually 12hrs prior to the release. They will be posted on our blog or you can copy the link directly from the footsite into SoleSlayer. We recommend starting SoleSlayer 15-20 minutes before the release.

Highly anticipated releases can often run for several hours, so we recommend keeping your software running as long as you are able to.

Make sure you take a look at all the documentation available for SoleSlayer and learn how to run and monitor a release correctly here.