Sell your hyped products for a profit

Top Tips for Selling Online

Selling sneakers and/or Supreme can be a great way to make some extra cash, especially if it is a limited product. Whilst selling items is usually straightforward, some people may try and scam you, which means you can lose out on both money and items. Take a look at our top tips for selling hyped items successfully. This guide is intended for those privately selling items on social media, rather than via sites like Ebay, StockX, Grailed and GOAT.


The most common payment method is PayPal and it is recommended to not accept a gifted payment; instead, make it clear that you will only accept payment via goods and services, or an invoice. This way, both you and the purchaser are protected and any disputes can be resolved through PayPal. When packaging the product you are selling, ensure you take photographs of it as it is, as well as in its bag/box; it is also advised to post it by tracked/signed delivery and keep your postage receipt for reference.


Trading like for like value items, including those where either party may add cash to top-up the purchase, can be difficult, so it is recommended to use a trusted ‘middleman.’ Both parties send their items to the middleman, who then checks the items match the condition described (some may also authenticate/legit check the products). Items are then repackaged and forwarded to the relevant purchasers.

Legit Checks

Don’t be offended if a potential purchaser requests a legit check on yourself and/or your product. If you are new to selling this may be difficult as you may not have many people who can vouch for you, but start as you mean to go on and describe your items accurately and send products on time and ask the recipient for feedback you can use if a legit check on yourself is requested.

Product purchase can be proved with receipts, so keep all your receipts from purchases and the bag/box they came in. It is good practice to send the items in the bag/box they came in, especially for brand new items.