Buying hyped products online with a bot

Top Tips for Buying Online

Buying sneakers and Supreme online can be confusing and stressful, especially for limited products. When there are thousands of other people trying to purchase the same product as you, it can be difficult to get a successful checkout without using a bot. So, if you’ve purchased SoleSlayer or SupremeSlayer, what else do you need when it comes to setting up your bot successfully?


A server is a remotely accessed machine that typically has higher computer specifications, a high-speed internet connection and a low ping, meaning a faster checkout speed for using software programs. Using a server for SupremeSlayer is generally not needed, but many customers do use them for SoleSlayer as they typically run a higher number of tasks and/or multiple licenses.


Proxies basically give you a new IP address and are extremely useful to prevent being banned from a website, allowing you to run many accounts simultaneously. Proxy speeds are measured in milliseconds (ms) and is the time it takes to receive a response, and we recommend less than 1000ms, though the lower the better. Testing your proxies multiple times may lead to a ban to the website the software is trying to access. You can use either residential or datacentre proxies within our software.

Privacy/Virtual Cards

A privacy card for a credit or debit card is widely used for online purchases and are useful for protecting yourself whilst shopping online. They also offer the ability to set a spending limit and can be cancelled fairly quickly if required. Whilst these are only available to US residents, there are similar ones available for those in the EU, such a Revolut, which offers a ‘disposable virtual card.’ App-only bank cards may also be an option as you can transfer a set amount of money to them and offer real time spending notifications. The best ones around, apart from Revolut, are Monzo and Starling.