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TeamSlayer Documentation

TeamSlayer documentation is the online manual for all TeamSlayer products and a living repository for TeamSlayer information and documentation

In our documentation, you can find up-to-date guides, complete with images, to help you set up SupremeSlayer and SoleSlayer. As well as the basic guides for getting started and running a release, you will also find in-depth information on how to configure and use the various features available within the software.

There is also a full set of frequently asked questions and their answers and changelogs for both products, so you can keep an eye on any new updates and what they include.

Alongside guides for our software products, we have also included some helpful guides on servers, proxies, using the product on a Mac OS and a migration guide. As an added bonus, you can also access the License Manager from the documentation, as well as request features and report bugs.

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