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Supreme®/Swarovski® Box Logos

Celebrating 25 years of Supreme

Supreme will mark their 25th anniversary with the release of the highly anticipated Swarovski® box logo tees and hooded sweatshirts. The iconic box logo has been the cornerstone of the brand since opening in Lafayette Street in April 1994 and now boasts 11 stores across the United States, Europe and Japan.

With exactly 1,201 Swarovski crystals forming the signature branding on the hooded sweatshirt and 1,161 on the T-shirt, each will have been applied by hand in New York City. The commemorative box logo hooded sweatshirt will be available in the four colourways of black, grey, navy and red, whilst the T-shirt will be available in black, white and red.

The 25th anniversary Supreme®/Swarovski® Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt and T-Shirt will be available online and in the New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London and Paris stores on Thursday 25th April. The collection will release both online and in-store in Japan on Saturday 27th April.

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The ultimate SupremeSlayer setup guide

Purchasing Supreme online is extremely difficult without a bot, but SupremeSlayer helps make it easier for you. The one key rule with Supreme is that you can only purchase one of each item – this includes different colourways and sizes – so if you are wanting to purchase multiple identical products, or multiple colourways of an item, then it is recommended to have several checkout profiles.

If you are planning on just going for the one product, but you have not decided on the colour, then we suggest setting up a release for each colourway with the one checkout profile. If one of those releases checks out successfully, the other releases will give a duplicate order error and the tasks will abort themselves automatically. Similarly, you can use different checkout profiles for each different colourway release.

You can only buy multiple colourways if you use separate checkout profiles

We also recommend running at least a 2:1 task to proxy ratio, but 1:1 will be best for a hyped product such as a Box Logo release; please also remember to input a global proxy for each release you create. The checkout delay varies from release to release, so it is up to you to determine the best one for you.

You will also need to use a captcha harvester. SupremeSlayer has both manual and automatic harvesters, but using both will increase your chances of success.

Please note, running any of the above completely depends on the tier you have and you will need to stay within your task limit. Keywords will be posted on our blog prior to the release and they are updated with correct colourways following the EU release. Don’t forget that you only need to start your tasks 15-30 seconds before the release!

Make sure you take a look at all the documentation available for SupremeSlayer and learn how to run and monitor a release correctly here.

Why you need a bot for Supreme

Why You Need a Supreme Bot

Supply and Demand

With a predominantly online market for Supreme and supply far outweighing demand, bots are becoming a necessity if you want to purchase limited items online because they sell out in seconds!

For Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2018 season, the Stern® Pinball Machine and the Fox Racing® V2 Helmet sold out in under 10 seconds, whilst most of the hyped items, including accessories, T-Shirt’s and ‘Bogos’ are usually gone in under 20 seconds.

Within the blink of an eye, barely even time to load the page of the product you have been waiting to drop all season, it has sold out. A combination of our fast society, social media hype and the limited releases has created the need for consumers to search out other ways to make purchases. Our customers are busy people and bots allow them to purchase the items they want at the time of the release, without even needing to be at their computer.

If you have never used a bot before, or are a newcomer to them, they are fairly basic to use. In its simplest form as a chrome extension, where auto-fill is used for your details and you can then check out manually; however a standalone Supreme bot like SupremeSlayer is far more sophisticated and will be able to handle any website crashes, bypass captcha and checkout automatically.

Use a Supreme bot to purchase hyped items

Why SupremeSlayer is the best Supreme bot

SupremeSlayer has helped our customers purchase thousands of limited and rare items. With incredibly hyped items dropping every week, you don’t want to be missing out.

We have fully detailed documentation and guides available for our customers to read through to ensure they get the most from SupremeSlayer. The much-needed Supreme keywords are published here every week, ensuring that our customers are purchasing exactly what they want.

What is the secret to Supreme's success?

The Continued Growth of Supreme

What is the secret to their success?

Investing in Supreme

When the news broke in October 2017 that Supreme founder James Jebbia had sold a stake of the company to private equity firm The Carlyle Group, it was rumoured to have been a stake as high as 50%, or $500 million, meaning the valuation of Supreme joins the exclusive Billion Dollar Club of private companies over $1 billion. The investment from The Carlyle Group ensured Supreme expands in the right direction and is well-known for ensuring rapid growth of a business, though they will most likely be looking to sell their stake within three to five years.

Whilst the expansion of Supreme includes the opening of their 11th store in Brooklyn, it is only the fifth outside of Japan and the EU is hotly tipped as the next location for a new store. However, more stores tends to lend itself to more stock and Supreme will have to work hard to ensure products stay as limited as possible and still sell out in seconds.

Supreme's newest store is in Brooklyn

The Iconic Box Logo

As one of the most sought-after streetwear brands, not least because of their famed ‘box logo,’ the iconic design is considered the ultimate cop and sells out in seconds. This Fall/Winter season saw the release of an Box Logo Crewneck Sweatshirt, available in nine colours, highlighted by a bottle green colourway, as well as natural and mustard. The New Era Box Logo Beanie, available in the same colours as the Crewneck and dropped a few weeks prior, sold out almost instantly.

Despite the box logos, popular accessories and collaborations with brands such as The North Face and Nike selling out almost instantly, it has not gone unnoticed that some products are sitting online for days without selling out; some are even left on for the releases in the following weeks.

Supreme's newest release of their iconic Box Logo
The Rabbit Fur pattern nuptse is a coveted jacket

Top 5 Supreme Collaborations

Supreme has released collaborations with musicians, artists and clothing companies over the years. This year, Supreme will celebrate their 25th anniversary, so we take a look at the top 5 collaborations.

Supreme's most expensive collaboration

Louis Vuitton

Supreme has a chequered past with Louis Vuitton; in 2000, Supreme release a line of skate decks, t-shirts and beanies covered with the Louis Vuitton monogram print, but a cease and desist letter from the luxury French label soon put a stop to their circulation. 17 years later, on June 30th, Supreme X Louis Vuitton released their first official collaboration.

Despite the high price tag you would expect with the combination of the luxury and streetwear labels, items sold out instantly. The most popular items included the box logo t-shirt, the red box logo hooded sweatshirt and accessories including bags and wallets.

The highest priced item? The storage trunk retailing at $68,500.

The Rabbit Fur pattern nuptse is a coveted jacket

The North Face

The North Face will be going into their 12th year collaborating with Supreme, with their first release being in the Fall/Winter (F/W) season of 2007. Many of their items, particularly the nuptse jackets, are coveted pieces.

One of the earliest jackets released in the collection, from Spring/Summer (S/S) 2018, are the ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ versions of the Summit jackets. Separately they can go for several thousand each and together, especially in excellent condition, they can fetch around $10,000.

Some of the other most sought-after Supreme X The North Face collaborations are: The ‘Duck Camo’ Expedition Pullover from S/S 2010; Leopard Print Nuptse from F/W 2011 in green, gold and grey; Rabbit Fur pattern Nuptse from F/W 2013; Expedition Coaches ‘Maps’ jacket from S/S 2014 and the ‘By Any Means Necessary’ Nuptse from F/W 2015.

This Supreme X Nike Foamposite release shut down the NYC store


Supreme’s first sneaker collaboration with Nike arrived in 2002 with the iconic ‘elephant print’ on a pair of Nike SB Dunk Low Pro. Opening up Supreme to a new demographic of sneakerheads, the online store did not open until 2006, so these were strictly in-store only.

The first pair of Nike AF1’s were not released until 2012. Symbolic with New York, the AF1’s were simple and clean and came in black, olive and camo. The Versace-esque graphic on the 2014 release of the Nike Air Foamposite One in black or red caused mayhem in New York City; Supreme were forced to cancel their in-store release.

One of the more ‘marmite’ sneakers was the Nike Air More Uptempo Supreme, dubbed ‘Suptempos’ which released in three colourways in 2017.

Supreme X COMME des GARCONS SHIRT first collaborated in 2012


2019 will be the sixth year that COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT and Supreme have collaborated (they were absent from the 2016 releases). Their first capsule in 2012 included the popular polka-dot hoodies with mirrored box logos in black, navy and grey – an item that is still sought-after today.

Coming back with a bang in 2017, reverse box logo tees complete with COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT scrawled over the iconic logo made an appearance in the Spring/Summer collection. A recurring eyeball print also seemed popular, especially on a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s.

The most recent collaboration, in September 2018, saw the release of split box logo t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, as well as severing the Nike ‘Swoosh’ on another pair on Nike AF1’s. One of the most popular items released for this collection was the tan sweater, similar to one worn by Kanye West.

Italian sportswear label Stone Island began collaborating with Supreme in 2014

Stone Island

From their first collaboration in the Fall/Winter of 2014, Italian sportswear label Stone Island has become a firm favourite with Supreme fans. One of the most popular releases was that from Spring/Summer 2015 for the navy and red colourways of the Nylon Metal 5C Anorak, retailing at $598 but still reselling now for almost three times their retail.

Stone Island are well known for pushing the boundaries with regards to both the aesthetics and functionality of their clothing and specialise in the surface treatment of fabrics. In the Spring/Summer of 2016, Supreme and Stone Island collaborated on the technical, yet aesthetically-pleasing water resistant heat reactive Trench Coat, available in black/yellow and navy/lilac colourways.

Top 10 Supreme accessories

Top 10 Supreme Accessories

What is your favourite accessory?

Whilst Supreme is famed for its Box Logos and sell-out collaborations with The North Face, Stone Island and Nike, it also houses some unusual and eclectic accessories.

It is difficult to pick out 10 of the best Supreme accessories released over the years, the vast variation of releases has seen a range of prices and practicality, but these are our favourite so far. Many of Supreme’s accessories have become collectables and tend to be focused around a category such as sporting, tools or smoking.

The Supreme Brick sold out

1. Brick (Fall/Winter 2016)

Two years later, the question of why Supreme sold a brick is still unanswered (despite various theories). They sold out for $30 a brick and some were resold for up to $1000. You can pick one up now for around $100-130.

The Supreme/Steiff Teddy Bear is a future collectable item

2. Teddy (Fall/Winter 2018)

If you can’t get your hands on a Box Logo sweatshirt, then you can buy a Steiff Teddy that’s wearing one instead. The Supreme/Steiff Teddy will become a must-have collectable for the future.

Stash your Supreme accessories within this Bible stash box

3. Bible Stash Box (Fall/Winter 2013)

For some, Supreme is like a religion. Supreme’s take on a replica of the New Testament bible hides a wooden stash box. 5 years later and they are rarely seen on the resell market.

The Supreme/Stern Pinball Machine is the most expensive accessory released

4. Pinball Machine (Spring/Summer 2018)

The most expensive accessory in Supreme’s collection, the Stern Pinball Machine was extremely low in stock, but came with a hefty price tag of $11,000. These were only available to purchase online and the resell price was at least $40k.

Top 10 Supreme accessories

5. Cash Cannon Money Gun (Spring/Summer 2017)

This money gun included custom $1000 Supreme bills and was one of the most-hyped accessories for the season. Retailing at $88, they became a popular Instagram video at the time.

The Supreme/Coleman Minibike retailed for $1000

6. Coleman® CT200U Mini Bike (Spring/Summer 2017)

Retailing for almost $1000, the Coleman CT200U Mini Bike was released on one of the last drops for the Spring/Summer 2017 season with an online-only release. The gas-powered mini bike had a 196cc, one-cylinder engine with a top speed of 24mph.

The ceramic Supreme dog bowl are hard to find now

7. Dog Bowl (Spring/Summer 2011)

One for man’s best friend. These ceramic dog bowls came in black or red and rarely come up nowadays, but when they do, they aren’t cheap!

Supreme/Everlast Boxing Gloves are now over 10 years old

8. Everlast Boxing Gloves (Fall/Winter 2008)

James Jebbia has a love of boxing and this has been portrayed throughout Supreme’s history; these Everlast boxing gloves came in red, black or blue and compete with matching mini key rings. The Everlast heavyweight punch bag was released in 2016.

The Fender Stratocaster was custom made for Supreme

9. Fender Stratocaster (Fall/Winter 2017)

The custom Fender Stratocaster for Supreme had a maple wood neck, 3 pickups, tremolo bridge and a 5-way selector switch and came with a custom case, strap and picks. Retailing at almost $2000, this limited item was more of a collectable, rather than a practical item.

Supreme teamed up with luxe luggage label Rimowa

10. Rimowa Suitcase (Spring/Summer 2018)

The luxe luggage label created two Rimowa Topas Multiwheel suitcases, one in a 45L size and the other in an 82L size and were available in black or the iconic Supreme red. These popular items cost $1600 and $1800 respectively, but resell for these is around double or more, though many fakes of them have already been spotted.