Insert from the bottom of your item to avoid stretching the neckline

Storing Sneakers and Streetwear

So you’ve started collecting sneakers, or streetwear like Supreme, or both, but what is the best way to store your new heat to keep them clean and dust-free?


Not all those who collect sneakers have them displayed neatly in an Instagram-worthy storage unit in a room dedicated to all things sneakers. Most people will have to use the space they have, which means being clever with storage solutions. If you want to ensure your pair will look good as new for as long as possible, then take a look at the top tips here:

  • Store in a cool and dark place. Heat and sunlight will damage your new kicks and cause cracking and colour fading.
  • Keep them dust-free. Place them in zip-lock bags and either put them back into their original box or into a plastic box.
  • Let them breathe. If you are keeping them stored in boxes, then take them out every so often for a day to let them breathe.
  • Clean them. If you wear them and want to store them, clean them first as the stains will be harder to remove over time.
Storing sneakers in a cool, dark place will stop sunlight damage
  • The soles will go yellow – eventually. Oxidisation will occur no matter how pristine you try to keep them.
  • Be clever with stacking. There are all sorts of clear plastic boxes available now to suit all types of budgets. You can get drop-front boxes, slide out boxes, and sneaker-specific ones; it all depends on your available space.
  • Remove the paper. The paper in the boxes is slightly acidic and can cause yellowing.
  • But keep the boxes – if you ever want to sell a pair of your prized sneakers, then it’s recommended to keep the original box to add to their value.


Supreme quality can be a bit hit and miss, but they tend to last well over the years if you take care of them. Since Supreme typically costs more than your average high street prices, it is important to keep them looking as good as new for as long as possible.

  • There is no one-fits-all for clothing, so it is down to each individual item whether it needs to be hung, folded or stacked. Hanging your outerwear is fine, but careful with your tees and sweaters as the hangers will stretch and mis-shapen the neckline and shoulders.
  • If you are going to hang your clothes, do not use wire hangers. Use wooden or velvet covered, and insert the hanger from the bottom of the item to avoid stretching the top.
  • If you need to wash your Supreme items, especially if has a box logo, then turn it inside out and use a cold/delicate wash. Do not tumble dry unless you are actively trying to shrink it and shake out before drying flat.
  • Ensure that the print or box logo does not get creased when folding. If you are worried they will get dusty when folded and stacked then you can buy plastic wallets to keep them in; as with sneakers though, let them breathe once in a while.
  • You can also hang your long sleeved tees or sweatshirts without stretching the neck. Simply fold the garment in half and wrap around the hanger.
Insert from the bottom of your item to avoid stretching the neckline
Find out what a hypebeast is

An A-Z of Sneakers and Supreme

If you are new to the world of buying and selling sneakers and Supreme, you may come across some slang or terms relating to products or software that are not familiar. We have listed some of the most popular, but this is not an exhaustive list.

A is for…

AF1/AJ1 – Air Force 1’s and Air Jordan 1’s are some of the most popular sneakers.

ATC – Add to Cart services are provided by those who run bots and will checkout an item for a fee.

B is for…

Bogo (Box Logo) – Supreme’s logo; usually found on sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Bots – Software designed to automatically checkout popular items that sell out quickly, like SoleSlayer and SupremeSlayer.

Breds – Black and Red shoes that are popular on Air Jordan 1’s.

Brick(s) – A product that is unlikely to make you any money by reselling it.

C is for…

COD (Cash on Delivery) – A payment method available for customers checking out on Supreme Japan.

Colourways – Products that will be released in multiple colours.

Cop – To purchase a product

Supreme items release in multiple colourways
Supreme items release in multiple colourways

D is for…

Deadstock/DS – An item which has been unworn or unused; essentially brand new.

E is for…

Floating ‘E’ – The most common flaw found on fake Supreme Box Logos.

F is for…

Footsites – The four most common sneaker sites comprise of Eastbay, Champs Sports, Foot Locker and Footaction.

G is for…

GR – General Release of a product means it is widely available.

GS – Grade School sizes are shoe sizes for children (and women with smaller feet).

G&S – Gifts and Services on PayPal is the recommended payment method to be protected when buying and selling an item.

Grail – Your most coveted sneaker or streetwear item.

H is for…

Hypebeast/Hypebae – Usually an insult to someone who only follows, wears or collects sneakers or streetwear to impress others.

Find out what a hypebeast is
A hypebeast tries to impress others by following the latest trends in sneakers and streetwear

I is for…

Instacop – Buying a product instantly

J is for…

JCB – A credit card company based in Tokyo, Japan and widely used by Japanese customers online.

K is for…

Keywords – Used for Supreme to ensure you are purchasing the correct product with SupremeSlayer.

L is for…

LC – Legit Checks that are usually done on items when purchasing to ensure they are not fake.

M is for…

Mesh Sites – These are sites that have websites and apps for releases, such as Foot Patrol.

N is for…

Nike – One of the biggest names in sneakers in the world.

O is for…

OG’s – Originals. The first version of a sneaker.

P is for…

Proxies – These can either be online proxies for preventing bans when using bots, or people you can pay to buy you a product in-store at the time of a release.

Q is for…

Queuing – Either queuing outside a store, or being held in a queue for a product online.

R is for…

Resell(er) – Purchasing a product to then sell on for a profit.

Restock – A product that has previously sold out, but has now come back into stock, albeit only for a short while usually.

S is for…

Servers – Remotely accessed machines that typically have higher computer specifications and a high-speed internet connection, meaning a faster checkout speed for using software programs.

Supreme and The North Face regularly collaborate
Supreme and The North Face regularly collaborate

T is for…

TNF – The North Face regularly collaborates with Supreme; the jackets, especially the nuptse, are very popular.

U is for…

UPS – The United Parcel Service is a global package delivery service. Used by Supreme, expect your parcels to go missing or take longer to arrive than it should.

V is for…

Virtual Cards – Also known as a Privacy Card, the credit or debit card can be used for online purchases and as well as being useful for protecting yourself whilst shopping online, you can also set a spending limit.

W is for…

Webhooks – Discord’s built-in Webhook’s function is an easy way to get automated messages and data updates sent to a text channel in your server.

WTB – Want to Buy; most commonly seen in for sale posts.

WTS – Want to Sell; also commonly seen in for sale posts.

X is for…

Stock X – One of the most popular selling sites for sneakers and streetwear.

X (collaborations) – Supreme X Stone Island; the X signifies who the collaboration is between.

Y is for…

Yeezy – A brand created by Kanye West, which includes sneakers and clothing; adidas Yeezy are some of the most popular sneakers available today.

Kanye West's Yeezy sneakers sell out in seconds
Yeezy Boost 350 V2 sneakers sell out in seconds

Z is for…

Zebra – The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Zebra’ colourway was first released in February 2017 in limited quantities, but saw two further re-releases in June 2017 and November 2018.

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